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Who We Are

Erah is your B2B prospecting and presales team!

We are specialists in the generation of leads for the software and technology industry.

Here at Erah there is no such thing as cold leads, which lead nowhere, but qualified leads that are real sales opportunities.

We're the Best In
Our Services

We use the most modern technologies to reach your ideal customer and engage them with your brand, in addition to a multilingual team ready to talk with people around the world.

Lead Generation

Erah is specialized in generating qualified leads for technology and software companies.

Sales Outsourcing

Have you ever imagined having a sales team specialized in your area and presenting your solution? We do it for you.


A team of specialists who work to achieve better results and increase your sales.

How We Do

Why and how do we do what we do?

You already know that understanding your customer is very important for exploring the market and making sales. Erah is specialized in B2B lead generation and that's why we understand your persona's behaviour and build a personalized journey to make your sales pitch successful.


"Erah Team had the ability to quickly understand my business necessities and find qualified leads in an assertive way! Erah has not treated my business as a storaged product. Their job was to deeply understand my business in order to have the authority to spread the value of our offer!

"Erah has been a strategic partner in Brazil. They have been doing an amazing job at everything and anything related to helping us generate leads. They planned and managed our last live interview for Brazil on Linkedin and it was a success. Erah is essential to our growth in Brazil."

Adde Valorem

Anthony Menendez - DataStax

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