Teams which GROW UP with your company

Build and alocate the perfect team for your projects and challenges.

   Increase your team in three weeks time and get control of your backlog with your deliveries more consistent and predictable.
   Productive professionals from the very first week, already prepared to work following stacks, procedures and culture.
   Engage and increase productivity of your team with our on going management people oriented wih high levels of expectations and communication.


Teams Set ups

   We have a well structured onboarding Where we map out the contexto of your business, including tech stacks, tools and procedures used by the teams that is needed to grow.

   Erah analyses your business strategic challenges and its soft and hard skills expectations, knowledge, abilities and attitudes for the professionals who will be alocated.


Build new teams in three weeks time

   Our own procedure allies a decade of experiences and tools made for you in order to select and validate the professionais ideals to guide your business projects and challenges. Besides screenings, interviews and background checks, it is applied a careful technical validation through a team of senior especialists, more than the one being evaluated.   


Kickoff  - new team

   Erah prepares and follows up the professionals so they integrate to their own teams with sinergy, using the procedures and tools naturally. Customers get to the kickoff meeting knowing how your company works, which are the expectations as well as prepared to understand your business fully.

SDR Outsourcing

   We use the most modern technologies to reach your ideal customer and engage them with your brand, in addition to a multilingual team ready to chat with people all over the world. The result? Smart and accurate meetings and your time directed to what really matters to you and your company. A qualified lead is ready to buy and we take it to you!

Inside Sales

   With Erah you have an experienced, team dedicated to your company, using the best tools on the market to bring greater results. We are your Sales team and you see your sales grow with technology and efficiency.