Image by Scott Graham


Lead Generation

Erah is specialized in generating qualified leads for the technology and software companies. We use the most modern technologies to reach your ideal customer and engage them with your brand, in addition to a multilingual team ready to chat with people all over the world. The result? Smart and accurate meetings and your time directed to what really matters to you and your company. A qualified lead is ready to buy and we take it to you!


Pre Sales

A team of specialists who work to achieve better results and increase your sales. We work intelligently and talk personally with prospects so our search for leads reaches its target in an assertive manner.

We believe that nothing can replace human talent and creativity and that is why we invest in our team's interaction with each lead. People buy from people! And we get you to talk to the right person at the right time!


Sales Outsourcing

Have you ever imagined having a sales team specialized in your area and presenting your solution to the market? With Erah you have an experienced, multilingual team dedicated to your company, using the best tools on the market to bring greater results. We are your Sales team and you see your sales grow with technology and efficiency.