The most modern technologies

We use the most modern technologies of LinkedIn for prospecting leads. We connect, engage and convert leads into sales opportunities. Being on LinkedIn  is not enough, it is necessary to know how to use the tool correctly and with expertise. And Erah presales team is specialized in finding leads on the platform that brings together the best companies and around the world.

In addition, Erah partnership with LinkedIn managers ensures the best solutions for your company. Our team knows how to contact and engage your best customer via LinkedIn and constantly renews knowledge to better fulfill our mission.

With Erah you sell because we sell with technology and authority from those who know what they do!

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Human Contact


And precisely because we know how to engage the lead, we present your product in the best way to the market . We believe that people buy from people and that is why Erah invests on human contact to talk to the lead and make your sales process even more productive and lean.Our goal is to make sure that you will receive a truly unique lead to purchase your solution. Thus, you invest your time in a timely and productive way.